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View testimonials from turf professionals below to learn more about MultiGuard Protect, proven, affordable and effective natural nematicide for controlling harmful nematodes. Find a distributor to experience the extremely effective nature of MultiGuard Protect first hand and discover the natural, safe and environmentally responsible solution to controlling harmful nematodes on turf.

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MultiGuard Protect Nematicide Testimonials

MultiGuard Protect® effectively kills nematodes
I’d been looking for a product to effectively kill nematodes on the course for more than three years. MultiGuard Protect® is supposed to kill turf nematodes, and that’s exactly what it did....
MultiGuard Protect® is one of the most effective treatments for turf nematodes
We’ve tried a number of all-natural or organic solutions to combat turf nematodes, including sesame seed extract. We’re committed to our GEO certification, so any product we use must be all-natural...
A great nematicide
I have successfully used Crop Guard to illicit a remarkable visual greening response on my greens and in my opinion the product compares favourably to any nematicide...
A safe nematicide
As a consultant to the Turf industry, Crop Guard is the only safe nematicide on the market that poses no danger to staff and residents, has no restrictions, is easily applied and produces proven...
Excellent level of nematode control
As a Links Course Manager I am often plagued by nematode infestation. With Crop Guard, I am able to sustain an excellent level of control and my turf is far less stressed
Great for greens
Since using Crop Guard I no longer lose greens