Nematode Facts & Information

Learn about nematodes to gain a better incite about what nematodes are and how to control them. From the different types of nematodes both beneficial and harmful, to turf nematode control, to symptoms of nematodes, MultiGuard Protect provides you with the information you need to grow healthier turf and boost root growth. View our nematode facts below.

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Nematodes in agriculture
Nematodes are small microscopic worms that live within the soil. Nematodes are classified as parasitic and beneficial. Plant parasitic nematodes feed on the plant for survival. USA - $8 Billion...
Nematode damage on crops
There are many ways to tell if you have a parasitic nematode infestation in your garden, field, crops or turf. Multiguard Protect is an extremely effective natural nematicide against nematodes and promotes a healthy root system.
Nematode Effect On Roots
Nematode Effect on Roots. Most nematode species feed off the roots of many vegetable and legume plants, grasses and grains. MultiGuard Protect Nematicide is effective against nematode root damage.
Common nematodes found in Turf Grass - Sting Nematode
Sting Nematode: Common nematodes found in Turf Grass that will damage greens, fairways and roughs by damaging roots and yellowing and stunted growth.
Common nematodes found in Turf Grass - Lance Nematode
The easiest tell that you have a Lance Nematode infestation is the amount of root damage your grass will have. When examined, the roots of your grass will not have any of the small feeder roots, the root tips will be dead, and if there is any sign of new root growth, it will be severely damaged.
Common nematodes found in Turf Grass - Root Knot Nematode
When Root Knot Nematodes are present in crops and grasses, the plants are more likely to contract diseases and are more prone to drought and other environmental stressors because of the smaller, damaged root systems or the root knots or galls these nematodes cause.
Impact of nematodes on roots
Nematodes puncturing plant root cells Impact of nematodes on roots
Nematodes puncturing plant root cells
Life cycle of Root Knot Nematode
Pro-longed damage to turf is evident due to re-infestation of the turf with nematodes Re-infestation occurs due to the following factors: Nematode eggs brought onto field by human...
Impact of plant parasitic nematodes
All nematodes feed off of plants with a stylet, a needle like mouth that punctures and attaches the nematode to a plants roots, leaves, stems seeds or flowers (depending on the type of nematode).
Nematode injury to turf - above the ground
The most common symptoms of a nematode infestation are yellowing of foliage (slight to severe), thinning of the turf canopy, reduced growth, wilting, premature death and poor response to irrigation, fertilizers or fungicide applications.
Nematode injury to Turf – below the ground
There are usually some signs above ground that there is a nematode infestation in your soil, however the signs are identical to a lack of nutrients in the plant. These signs are yellowing and wilting leaves, thinning of the turf canopy, reduced growth, and premature death.