MultiGuard Protect Nematicide Product FAQs

Browse our frequently asked questions to get answers about MultiGuard Protect nematicide. From basic application questions to complex mixing inquires, MultiGuard Protect is clarified to provide a better understanding of its natural, environmentally responsible properties that help kill nematodes in soil on contact.

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What are the visual effects to be expected following the MultiGuard Protect® applications?

Healthier turf, enhanced root development and fewer nematode problems.

Will MultiGuard Protect® impact root growth of the turf?

Enhanced root growth is observed with more fine root hairs when using MultiGuard Protect contact nematicide.

If no visual responses are seen, how do I know MultiGuard Protect® is working?

When using MultiGuard Protect nematicide, nematode numbers decrease and root growth improves. Over time beneficial populations increase.

What is the mode of action of MultiGuard Protect® on nematodes?

MultiGuard Protect nematicide has a contact mode of action, therefore the application must be in the root zone.

What products can be tanked mixed with MultiGuard Protect®?

Stand alone applications of MultiGuard Protect natural nematicide are recommended. Combinations can penalise one or either products.

Are there any phytotoxicity concerns?

No concerns based on label rates.

Dew retention is observed for up to 2 days post plant.

Overdose (4 x rate) phytotoxicity can occur, the effect is a burn which is temporary.

MultiGuard Protect® is not a restricted use pesticide with a Warning signal word, why does it have Poison on the shipping box?

EPA regulations for end user classified as Warning based on formulation.

DOT regulations require Poison based on A.I. only.

Does a darker colour of product impact on efficacy?

No, MultiGuard Protect nematicide has a shelf life of 2 years.

MultiGuard Protect® contact nematicide undergoes a natural colour change that darkens over time.

Does MultiGuard Protect® contain xylene?

No the product is an emulsifiable concentrate with furfural as the active ingredient. The balance of the formulation is inert material.

Does temperature affect efficacy of the product?

In instances of extremely high or low temperature, the lower application rate of 5.5g/acre is recommended when applying MultiGuard Protect contact nematicide.