MultiGuard Protect Natural Nematicide for Turf

A Contact Liquid Nematicide that Kills Nematodes on Turf

MultiGuard Protect nematicide is the solution to your nematode problems in more ways than one. It has low toxicity with unrestricted use and can be handled easily. It is mixed with water to form an emulsion, which is sprayed onto turf. MultiGuard Protect is as effective as existing registered nematicides. The difference is that MultiGuard Protect is not phytotoxic, leaves no harmful residue in the soil and stimulates the growth of beneficial organisms in the soil.

Characteristics & Benefits

Multiguard Protect is an extremely effective contact nematicide against turf nematodes and promotes a healthy root system.

Mode of Action

MultiGuard Protect nematicide controls nematodes on contact.

Label & MSDS

MultiGuard Protect is a furfural mixture for use in agricultural pesticide.

Sell Sheets

MultiGuard Protect is the solution to harmful nematode problems.

Mixing & Application

MultiGuard Protect natural nematicide mixing and application instructions for healthier turf.

Registered States

MultiGuard Protect nematicide is registered for use in the following states.